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You have the finished product. Now you need to re-tool it for international ears.


Voice-Over is Commentary in, e.g., a film, television program, video, or commercial spoken by an unseen narrator. Foreign-language voice-over consists of two parts: translating the narrative, whereby timing (coordinating the voice with the film sequence) is an important consideration; recording the voice-over, which may be performed by a voice talent/native speaker with special training and/or expertise or by an actor.

Whether you require translation and  conversion of corporate training,  educational, commercial, product-launch,  webcast or broadcast programs, we provide  complete cost-effective services from  concept to completion.

We work with a unique multilingual  community of professional native-speaking  voice talent in many languages.  Voiceover  services may include a single or multiple  voices depending on the project  requirements.  Unless otherwise specified,  voices are timed and synced to the source  audio or video.

Typical Voice-over Activities: