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Project Management & QA

Universal Dialog believes that perfection is the only solution


ISO 9001-2000 certification pending

To ensure the highest standards of quality assurance for translations, Universal Dialog employs a several step Quality Management process and is currently in the process of obtaining an ISO 9001-2000 certification. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to a project to oversee it at every step of the process and to ensure accuracy and quality. The Project Manager determines the requirements of the project and selects the most appropriate team of translators and editors based on their expertise in the particular industry.

A 3-step translation process is employed which includes translating, editing and proofreading. By passing your project through three individual parties or teams, linguistic accuracy can be more consistently obtained.

Additionally, for larger projects we develop glossaries and style guides to address unique and proprietary terminology. Finally, and most importantly, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of terminology, we utilize the latest Translation Memory Leveraging software.  The effectiveness of this process not only produces high quality results but also minimizes translation costs and turnaround.

Universal Dialog believes that perfection is the only solution. Therefore, we operate a strict quality control policy with thorough checking systems in place. From the outset of each project we undertake to ensure that our clients’ messages are delivered correctly and understood clearly in whatever language they require.